Adieu Macbook Pro.

For years I have always wanted a Macbook Pro. What started out as an experiment, plungin myself into the whole Mac OS ecosystem many years ago starting with the Mac Mini, slowly evolved into something more powerful, more mobile to the Macbook Air. As my needs changes over the years, so does the products that... Continue Reading →

Lenovo Thinkpad 13

As with any other big purchases I have made, I make sure that I do my research thoroughly. The research phase is especially important when it comes to buying electronics and gadgets like computers, laptops and mobile devices. There is a huge range o choices to make and one can easily get paralysed in simply... Continue Reading →

Blogging and writing

I have been blogging for many years now. I enjoy doing it as writing is indeed therapeutic. There is no central theme or topic that I passionately talk about. It's simply about my life in general. No one wants to read about my life. I don't write to gain popularity (or infamy). I just write... Continue Reading →

Brand new battery for my Macbook Air

After 3 days of servicing, I finally collected my Macbook Air, with a new battery inside. Last week, I sent it for servicing, after my battery capacity dropped drastically to around 60%. The "Service Battery" indicator was turned on as well, reminding me to send the Macbook Air for servicing. Now it feels like I... Continue Reading →

Best notebook I have ever used

Zequenz, a line of notebooks that I bought from my local bookstore. It is probably the best notebook I have ever used. It not that cheap to ┬ábegin with. Ever since I started on my Final Year Project, the things I do in my lab and the experiments I perform on a daily basis, requires... Continue Reading →

I should have done this a long time ago.

  That is, having my notebook as an ultraportable and at the same time, as a desktop replacement.   First week into using my Macbook Air as a portable device, in school, and as a desktop replacement, at home, I must say; I have no trouble adapting to it. In fact, nothing much changed really.... Continue Reading →

New Macbook Air

  So finally, I have bought a brand new Macbook Air. For once, I have a proper notebook in which i can do my work anywhere. And I am very happy with my purchase so far. My mac mini has served me well, but i think its time to move on. My dad is using... Continue Reading →

The Acer Aspire One Netbook

Ive always wanted to get one of those netbooks that have been the rage these days. With its cheap price, ultra mobility and long lasting batteries, its a perfect gadget to bring it with you wherever you go. Best Denki was holding a road show at Ngee Ann City the other weekend and i bought... Continue Reading →

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