7 Years, 3 Games, 1 Epic Story

Words cannot describe how I felt when the credits started rolling from my TV screen after finishing the final installment to the Mass Effect series. A feeling of accomplishment, of bittersweet sadness. Knowing that I have just completed one of the most epic video game trilogy of my entire life thus far is very difficult... Continue Reading →

Mass Effect 3

  After 4 months since the release of the game, I finally get the chance to play.   After six years since the first installment of this epic space-opera, sci-fi role-playing game was released, I get to finally see a conclusion. A sense of closure, be it good or bad, happy or sad, jubilant or... Continue Reading →

Final Year in School

I would never have imagined myself going through my final year as if only a month has passed by when I first started my school life in NTU. Everything is travelling at lightspeed and I am still playing catch up. First semester, first week has come and goneĀ  and these are the modules that I... Continue Reading →

Mid-Year resolutions

I don't usually do this, but after going through a life-changing 6 week volunteer internship program under AIESEC and a 2 week backpacking trip around europe, it has given me a somewhat different perspective in life right now. Thus, I think it is appropriate to write my mid-year resolutions to get me through to the... Continue Reading →

So I lost my DSLR in Amsterdam

After 8 weeks overseas, I finally came back home a few days ago. The 23 hour flight from Prague to Singapore via Dubai and Colombo was excruciating. I am not a fan of long haul flights, especially when you have lengthy layovers at various airports. The two weeks I spent in Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin and... Continue Reading →

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