Harry Dresden Novels (an impression)

As of this writing, there are about 14 books written by Jim Butcher on Harry Dresden, the Wizard cum private investigator of Chicago. I read the first 7 during the last summer holidays, and I am attempting to finish the remaining 7 books. Im currently somewhere on either book 9 or 10, and I must say, this is one of the most impressive series of books that I have ever read.

Harry Dresden is a private investigator, he is also a Wizard. Apart from finding lost stuff for people, he also help in police investigations on the bizarre and unnatural. As the story progresses, the reader is constantly being introduced to a multitude of characters like the Red Court of Vampires, the White Court of Vampires, the Summer and Winter Queens and so on. This series is amazing on three fronts. Firstly, the characters never get stale, each quickly establishing its vital role in the plot, secondly, the plot progresses smoothly from one book to the next and there is actually an overarching development in the entire series, so the story doesn’t hit a plateau  and just tapers of from there, and thirdly, the writing is tight, witty and contemporary. Written in a first person perspective as how Harry himself sees the world around him, his personality is the one that really hits the nail for me. Charming, witty, with a great sense of humor and out of this world attitude, reading about him and unraveling the plot together with him is really engrossing. Each book feels fresh and is an absolute page turner.

Harry Dresden, Murphy, Bob, Marcone, Ebenezzar, Mouse, Mister, Thomas, Michael, Molly are all characters that I will remember dearly. Truly three dimensional, it grows on you the more you read, and they are truly remarkable characters. Some say that Harry Dresden, gives you a good glimpse at what Harry Potter would do as a career once he finishes school in Hogwarts. An amusing observation, which, in my opinion is quite spot on, since after all, Harry Dresden is a Wizard and a powerful one at that. And to survive in the Muggle world, he needs to at least have a job, and none more suitable being a private investigator.

For those who love reading fantasy with a touch of reality or in a reality based setting, you should read the Harry Dresden novels. I must warn you though, that once you start reading it, you will want to read all the books that have been published thus far.

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  1. Nice introduction to the series. Hope you get to enjoy the rest of the books before the newest one, Ghost Story, is released on July 26th.



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