Good urban fantasy novels are rare

There is a sub-genre of fantasy novel that I really like, and that is urban fantasy. What is urban fantasy? It is basically a type of fantasy fiction in which a narrative takes place in a city. Take the Harry Dresden files for example. It is a series of urban fantasy novels written by an... Continue Reading →

Harry Dresden fanart

I'm a huge fan of Harry Dresden, a character envisioned by author Jim Butcher. I was browsing through what the community has done for that character in terms of fanarts and I came up with a couple of, what I think is the most accurate depiction of Harry and Thomas in those novels as I... Continue Reading →

Harry Dresden Novels (an impression)

As of this writing, there are about 14 books written by Jim Butcher on Harry Dresden, the Wizard cum private investigator of Chicago. I read the first 7 during the last summer holidays, and I am attempting to finish the remaining 7 books. Im currently somewhere on either book 9 or 10, and I must... Continue Reading →

Things to do during the holiday.

I know I shouldn't be writing this list down yet, especially when the exams havent even started yet. But this semester is really a bummer and I just couldnt wait for the holidays to begin. With that being said, I have started to come up with a list of things that I would like to... Continue Reading →

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