We all have em. And these secrets, we sometimes tell them to someone whom you trust completely. I have secrets, but i have no one to confide with. It gnaws at me on various occasions. Sometimes i try to lock it up deep within, but often times it resurfaces and haunts me. It pains me that I have no one yet that i can confide with. Someone who i can completely trust, and pour all my secrets and sometimes sorrows, someone who is willing to share the burden that im carrying without reservation or judgement on his or her part. Someone who would not see me differently, should that secret be revealed to him or her. Even if i know that there is such a person who would be willing to listen to me, i fear revealing it because i am ashamed by it.

Like that famous song, “Can we pretend that airplanes and in the night skies are shooting stars, I could really need a wish right now.” I wish life would be slightly different, so that I dont have to carry this burden throughout my life.

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