New TeeVee!

Yeap, my parents bought a new TeeVee, the new LG 37LE5500, a 37 inch LED backlit LCD TV. My parents wanted to redo part of the livin room. So they have been going to IKEA for a number of times within the past 2 weeks. It should look pretty cool once its all done and... Continue Reading →

Transformers Blu Ray

A packaged arrived just in time, and its none other than the highly anticipated release of Transformers on Blu Ray. Featured as the best summer flick of yesteryear, Transformers pushes the boundaries in what computer graphics can do to a high budget action flick.  Reigniting a mega franchise by releasing a full feature film under... Continue Reading →

Next blu ray purchase

My collection of blu ray movies is still at an infancy stage. With recent titles such as Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest and Curse of the Golden Flower, im hungering for more. HD movies never looked so good! I have a few more blu rays that have been ordered through and they... Continue Reading →

I’m going Blu…

Im steadily increasing my collection of Blu Ray movies. Right now i only have a paltry 2 titles. They are Kung Fu Hustle and Casino Royale. Both are great films and the visuals are stunning. Ever since i started watching blu ray or hi-def films, i cant stop to be amazed at the amazing clarity... Continue Reading →

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