Apple’s latest OS: Lion

Developers had a sneak peak at the new OS that is about to be released by Apple this summer, and they are naming after the king of all cats, Lion.A slew of information is already out both officially and developers who have been tinkering with the OS in and out. After reading through some of... Continue Reading →

I’m strong but brittle

Almost half of the semester is gone and work just piles up. Looking back, everything is going at blazing fast speeds and in the past few weeks, I barely had the time to take a breather. Sometimes, Id like to see myself as a strong person, disciplined, principal centered and rarely succumbing to negative peer... Continue Reading →

The Facebook Effect

  Facebook is the fastest growing and largest social networking site in the world. From its infancy in the dorm room at Harvard created by Mark Zuckerberg and his roommates to its present state of more than 500 million registered users, this phenomenal novel, “The Facebook Effect” tells a remarkable story about the founding and... Continue Reading →

Mac OS flexibility

On my Mac Mini, which I have been using for a year and a half now, I also installed Windows 7 Ultimate edition and used it via bootcamp on a number of occasions. Throughout the Mac Mini's use as an Apple computer and a Windows PC, I find one jarring factor that caused me to... Continue Reading →

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