New Year Resolutions and Goals of 2011


–       Maintain a 4 point GPA average.

–       Attain at least a B in biophysics

–       Attain at least a B+ in the rest of the modules

–     Be consistent in your revisions

–       Attain a learning attitude, and keep an open mind


–      Make new friends

–       Maintain and strengthen old friendships

–       Be happy in the company of others

–       Listen

Personal Mastery

–       Broaden my photography skills


–       Broaden my photoshop skills

–       Broaden my Aperture and Lightroom software skills


–       Continue going for regular swims, set aside a time to do it.

–       Read at least 1 novel a month

–       Complete reading Steig Larsson’s trilogy

–       Complete reading Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files novels

–       Do not pass out on any opportunities to try out new things



–       Be intrinsically motivated in whatever I do

–     Find the joy and passion in all things I do. Maintain the “flow”

–       Volunteer more time to help others in need

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