The Magic Mouse!!!

Finally after months of deciding, I bought the magic mouse at last. Even at the shop, it took me a while to decide whether i should go a head with the purchase (beg borrow steal mantra remember?). I was quite surprised that the Apple reseller had stocks for the magic mouse in the first place. Must have been fresh stocks.Ok first impression: Not really good.

Dont get me wrong. Its a solid mouse and it delivers on all fronts. What is advertised is what you get 100%, but there are nuances that I might have difficulty getting used to. That said, its a revolutionary mouse in essence, and I was prepared to get used to the new feel of the mouse, but as it turns out, it’s much more difficult that you think.

ACCELERATION!! Why oh why, must the mouse have accelerated mouse movement turned on by default? I hate it, simply hate it! I cannot lock on to a particular area, without feeling too slow or too fast when I move my mouse too fast. It’s simply too erratic for me to use it! I tried usb overdrive app to remove the acceleration, but for some reason, it turned off all other magic mouse functions including touch scroll, which is a neat feature by the way. And bettertouchtool, although comprehensive, doesn’t have the feature to disable acceleration. So I’m stuck with using it. Now I’m using the mouse really clumsily.

Mouse is rather heavy. I’d prefer a lighter mouse, because I do a lot of lifting when I’m moving my cursor around the screen. And also, I continually adjust the position of my wrist on the table in front of the mouse pad depending on where I’m pointing. I do not usually rest my wrist at one particular spot.

Left and right clicking is also a hit and miss click, especially the right clicking. Because the mouse is one gigantic button, the mouse will determine whether it is a right or left click depending on the position in which the finger is resting and where the click is on the mouse touch surface. There is an invisible line dividing the left and right half of the mouse and sometimes when you are intending to right click, you left click instead, because your finger position is on the left side of the touch surface. Not a really big deal, because it rarely happens, but as you have used a button mouse all your life, naturally you wouldn’t have faced this kind of problem until now. So whenever you mis-click, it’s a very awkward feeling.

These are some of the complains I have for the magic mouse at the moment. As it turns out, I need to get used to the mouse first before I can pass any judgement for the mouse. Stay tuned!

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  1. Dude,

    You got it! Haha, I’m ashamed, your long blog post about scrimmaging every penny have been completely squandered by a white, gorgeous looking product.

    Anywhos, you can disable acceleration.

    Get into terminal and paste this :

    defaults write -g 0

    You could also swap the 0 for -1, or 1, depending on your preference. And after entering that, don’t make changes on the magic mouse preference pane or it’ll just revert back to the magic mouse settings and you’ll have acceleration again.

    Personally, I like the acceleration, it takes getting used to but once you do, you’ll realize you’ll never have to lift the mouse ever. again.

    Oh yeah, I also tried BetterTouchTool. Didn’t like it. Try out Magic Prefs, instead. Many prefer BTT over it but I like their taps/clicks options thingy better.

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