Ideas for an adventure of a lifetime

I recently met up with a good friend of mine. He was also from the same camp in which I served during my NS days. ┬áHe was my upperstudy upperstudy (2 generations up, so I don't know him prior to being in the camp as he already ORD), and was introduced to him by another... Continue Reading →

Project 365 6/365

Thanks Ilyas for giving me this quirky souvenir during your India backpacking trip! such a funny and weird gift. A cup with a convex base. When serving customers, you can give them a scare because the cup will tilt in all directions (but not topple) giving the impression that the drink will be spilled when... Continue Reading →

Project 365 5/365

It arrived finally! The official theme song to Summer Wars! Love his melancholic and carefree voice. When i close my eyes and listen to this song, i feel so relieved and stress free all of a sudden. Like standing on top of the hill and feeling the cold breeze blowing around me.

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