World Holds Breath for Apple's Tablet Debut

In less than 3 hours as of writing, Apple will reveal its latest creation: A tablet like computer that falls between the iPhone and a notebook. Scheduled to be showcased in the San Francisco event, the product will be announced by Steve Jobs himself, after all, he personally oversees the entire project for years. The... Continue Reading →

Project 365 26/365

The new Burger King's Cheesy Spicy Chicken Tendercrisp with Crispy Turkey bacon Stripes is delicious! that is the display poster for the burger. Wanted to take the photo of the actual burger but I forgot. It was sooo good that I missed the opportunity!

Project 365 25/365

Love getting free International Herald Tribune! Great read while in the train. Didnt know the paper costs SGD4.00 per issue o_O.

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