Financial constraint!

I was calculating my finances for next month, what with the purchase of the new Mac mini that I’m going to make soon and I realised that I’m actually a little short! I mean, I can proceed with the purchase, but I will most likely be eating grass for the entire month! I will have to severely cut down on my spending for the month of November and possibly December as well. This is not good news because there are so many upcoming Playstation 3 game releases during those 2 months! Now I have to accept the fact that I would have to delay buying those as well. What a sacrifice.

Talking about Apple, I have some PC games that would be useless for me once I switch over. I think I’m gonna sell them for the extra cash, so I won’t starve for the following month. Games like Longest Journey Dreamfall, Mass Effect, Far Cry 2 and possibly Prince of Persia The Two Thrones. Havent set on the price yet, possibly around 15 to 20 dollars. If (and only if) I manage to sell those, then I can breathe a little easier.

Last few days, I have been finding about the Adobe’s Creative Suite 4 and I must say I’m truly impressed by the huge range of software available. There are packages for web developers, design developers and production developers. These softwares are truly powerful and yet it makes it as if it is so easy to use! I’m particularly interested in learning Dreamweaver and maybe Indesign. Those 2 might help me make compelling websites and maybe improve on my blog. It might take time, and I will try my best to learn those two softwares. The only gripe I have is that I’m not an artistic person, and it would be a tremendous challenge for me to create compelling and creative content.

I seriously can’t wait to migrate to a new OS. In fact I just downloaded and Ebook, talking about the features of the new Leopard OS X. It’s an amazing read and would no doubt be fun to try out the features myself. Just couple more weeks, and in the meantime, I need distractions. I have been thinking about it and its distracting from my work!

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