Stomach flu is no laughing matter.

When was the last time that I actually had a stomach flu? I cannot remember the exact time period when I last had it. It was that long ago. Last few days was one of my worst days ever. I had the stomach flu.

The onslaught was merciless. I puked almost every other hour day and night, on top of the incessant bowel movement and wind that I had to keep in check, lest I crap my pants out. I felt terrible. During the first 48 hours, anything that entered my mouths, will ultimately ended up on either ends and it was very swift.

It came suddenly. My dad caught the virus. But he did not know that it was the stomach flu. He thought that it was food poisoning, so the doctor prescribed some relief medications for the diarrhea  and vomiting. But I long suspected that it was stomach flu. My mum ate the same food that evening with him and she did not show any food poisoning symptoms. That just did not add up. True enough, on the second day my dad had it, I started feeling weird. I just had dinner one night, and my tummy just started grumbling, not at ease all of the sudden. I went to the toilet, relieved myself and realised that I had diarrhea too. It was not a good sign to begin with, but I thought it was just the food. But the diarrhea was different. It was too watery. Within a couple of hours, I headed back to the toilet, stared at the toilet bowl, knelt in front of it, and puked my life out. All the food went up and out. And it continue throughout the night.

I went to the doctor prior to bed and even the medicine wasn’t helping much. Though it helped to relieve some of the pain, but once it went away, the feeling of vomiting came back and I vomitted like crazy, till there was nothing left to vomit till water that was ingested moments before. I felt severely dehydrated. Went to the doctor once again to get more medication, increased dosage and through the next 2 days, ate next to nothing.

When I finally recovered, I felt so weak, due to not eating anything for the last 3 days except energy fluids and lots of water. I still had serious diarrhea till today. I’m feeling better now, but man, to experience that again would be disastrous.

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