Album of the week: John Mayer Paradise Valley

I love this album. It has such a chill vibe. And the audio mix is awesome. This album must be heard on a good pair of headphones to truly appreciate how well the audio mix truly is. You can literally hear every instrument being played in all the songs of this album.

NTU photo album

I recently selected 40 photos to be developed that best represented my time in NTU. It has been a wonderful 4 years in NTU and I felt that it would be good to search for photos, either from my own collection or through my Facebook photo gallery that would reflect my wonderful time there. As... Continue Reading →

Maher Zain

Finally got the album!Maher Zain is the latest artist that I came across. It might very well be the best Nasheed album I have ever heard. Period. Never have I heard a Nasheed album sung mainly in English and it works and sounds terrific. Maher Zain, who is a Swedish of Lebanese descent released his... Continue Reading →

Paloma Faith

Paloma Faith, like Shinedown, is another music artist that have been accidentally discovered by me. While on my way back home from Changi Airport, I stopped by City Link's HMV. They were playing an album by Paloma Faith, a British singer. I thought it was Amy Winehouse's new album, but I wrong. It sounded like... Continue Reading →

Come Back to Me, By Utada Hikaru

Okay, let me just scream like a girl for a sec. AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! Its almost here! Utada Hikaru's latest album, AN ENGLISH ALBUM, due to release in March 2009. You can listen to the single from the upcoming album entitled "Come Back to Me" by clicking on the picture below! Super duper big fan of Utada... Continue Reading →

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