Extreme Makeover begins…

So the time to have an extreme makeover begins…

In only a matter of months, i would be going through a new phase of life, and with that in mind, what better timing than to undergo an extreme makeover of my bedroom to prepare for that? 

And so it begins, me and my parents have begun pouring over various catalogues and brochures, ranging from paint colour, to funiture, to electronics, to find the most economical, yet totally different look for my room. In a month time, May, it would be completed and today marks the first day of the process, and throughout the process, i would try my best to show you the before and after pics of my room. So here are some of the things that have been discussed, but before that, a little background info:


Currently my family is living in a 5 room flat. For a family of 3, i have 1 extra room to begin with, other than my bedroom. That room was previously occupied by my grandmother, that since she has passed on, its become nothing but a storeroom of sorts. Lots of furniture, such as bookshelves (one of which is a closed, glass paneled bookshelf), an old computer table, three seater sofa and a coffee table among other things lying around. So to fully utilise the room, we decided to shift some of my stuff from my bedroom, to the extra room. This room does not have aircon and have a single, double-pane windows.


Extra room from the door.

Extra room

My bedroom currently holds my wardrobe for my clothes. This wardrobe is fixed to the room and cannot be shifted. A black, closed door, glass panel bookshelf, a computer table with my computer at one corner and a queen size bed in the middle. All these leaves little space to walk around in my bedroom. This room has aircon, and has 2, double pane windows, spanning an entire wall of my bedroom. The computer table is terribly messy and the table is small.


My bedroom from the door.

My bedroom


The plan currently is to have my bedroom transform into a study/entertainment room. This room would have my computer, a brand new lcd tv mounted on the wall and bookshelves from the other room. It will also have the sofa and the coffee table from the other room shifted to my bedroom. Thus, this ‘entertainment room’ as it would be called would fulfill my entertainment (lcd tv, computer, ps3) and my education needs (bookshelves, computer, books, coffee table).

The extra room would have my queen size bed occupying a majority of the room with a few other little furnitures like side tables and stuff. This room would now be known as my ‘bedroom’


SGD1000, and that includes any furniture, paint, accesories, electronics bought during the extreme makeover.


After much discussion, i have decided on a more rustic, warm, wood feeling to the entertainment room. This is mainly because of the amount of wooden furnitures, such as the bookshelves, dark brown teak table as my computer table (not shown in any images), black coffee table and a brown wooden sofa. The bookshelf from the new bedroom, the one with the glass panels, would be shifted in. So with all the wood, it is natural to choose a slight brownish tone to the room. Thus, we have decided  to buy paints of the appropriate colour to suit the theme. In fact, we have found inspiration from the Sony Bravia LCD TV brochure and we have decided to choose the colour as close to the one printed in the brochure. 2 different colours would be used for the entertainment room, to give a more contrasting look. The darker tone would be on the wall where the computer and lcd tv would be located.

Following brochure, the colour concept in the picture have some similiarities to some of the range of colours from the paint brochure.
The bedroom would contain my bedroom and it would be a rather simple set up, using brighter colours, most likely only 1 colour. The location and positioning of the queen size bed has yet to be determined. 



The lcd tv, has already been bought at best denki. We have bought the Panasonic, 32 inch HD ready LCD TV. VIERA TX-32LX80MS is the model. We bought it at around 700 bucks with some goodies thrown in. Although it wasnt the optimal choice of an LCD TV that i would hoped to have, im satisfied with the size and it would certainly enhance the concept of an entertainment room. I was eyeing for a Samsung Series 4 LCD TV with slightly better specs, or a SONY BRAVIA S series, but those 2 are a little tad more expensive than the Panasonic ones. Besides, im on a shoestring budget and having a 32 inch TV in my room is much better than the earlier proposed 26 inch. So beggers cant be choosers.


So this is what we have planned so far. The LCD TV has been bought and would be delivered at the end of april, and with that, things have set in motion. In the next 2 weeks, we would discuss in further detail if there is a need to buy and extra furniture to enhance the room and other accesories needed. The paint would most likely be bought within the next 2 weeks as well. On the 20th April 2009 onwards for the entire week, work will truly begin. I would take 5 days off  to do, cleaning, removing, shifting, painting etc.

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