Come Back to Me, By Utada Hikaru

Okay, let me just scream like a girl for a sec. AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! Its almost here! Utada Hikaru's latest album, AN ENGLISH ALBUM, due to release in March 2009. You can listen to the single from the upcoming album entitled "Come Back to Me" by clicking on the picture below! Super duper big fan of Utada... Continue Reading →

Loving my Ipod Touch Redux

Ive said this so many times now, but im gonna say it once more. I love my ipod touch. It has given me the opportunity to catch up on my favourite anime series, tv series and movies that i so desperately wanted to watch. Not only that, the portability of the ipod touch gives me... Continue Reading →

Slumdog Millionaire

After watching Slumdog Millionaire, i kept wondering to myself: When was the last time that i actually watched a genuinely great movie? A movie that not only entertains you, but also enriches your soul, touches your heart and had a lasting and memorable impact in the days to come. The only movie that i can... Continue Reading →

Braun Buffel

Got my Braun Buffel wallet today. So psyched about it. Lovin it right now. Nuff said... oh yeah and the pics of my ipod too. Man im spending too much these days.... SGD489 for the ipod and SGD109 for the wallet. What a bomb!

Timbre @ The Substation

I had a blast tonight. Me a group of my friends went to this really cool place called Timbre @ The Substation. Its near Fort Canning and it had great place to chill, eat great food and listen to wonderful live music.  I havent been to the place before but ive heard of it. So... Continue Reading →

Nasty bug caught me

I've been having fever for the past few days. It's gone for day and then it flares up again. I dunno what causes it because I did not visit the doctor at all. Instead I depended on my previous medication. I took anarex pills to relieve me of the fever and it had worked wonders.... Continue Reading →

Dan Brown

So i decided to do some accelerated reading, meaning to read a little more than my average reading pace. I started spending more of my free time catching up on my reading. During the holidays, i bought a lot more books to occupy myself. But wanting something different this time around, i tried picking up... Continue Reading →

Wacky Bookshelves

I love reading. Nothing beats slouching off in your favourite couch, reading a book and enjoying a nice cold beverage. I have a growing pile of books stacked in my little bookshelf but just check these wacky ones. I stumbled upon and it features some really creative and wacky bookshelf ideas. Below are some... Continue Reading →

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