The apple keyboard is soo slick, so cool, so flat!!

Typing stuff using the apple keyboard is soo slick, so cool, so flat! Typing is such a breeze and it feels good and sounds quiet too. 




So my mum bough a mini mac which costed about a thousand bucks. Shes getting it because she is starting on a new work-at-home project that would earned her an extra income on a monthly basis once it has kicked off. But the work requires a mac computer so we got one for her, in the hopes that the investment would make good returns in the long run. 

So just yesterday i had to buy the apple keyboard, since it doesnt comes with it and it requires the keyboard to work efficiently. I tried on my computer first and connected to my own pc just to have a feel of the keyboard. And boy it is heaven on the fingers!!

A couple months back, i told myself that the apple keyboard feels so good on the fingers. I nearly got one for myself back then. It costed about 78 bucks and i thought long and hard before forgoing the purchase to the end. I thought to myself, well it must be an impulse buy, and since i dont spend too much time on my pc typing stuff all day, it must simply be a vanity to own one. 

But now, im so getting it tomorrow. Its sooo flat and it feels soo good that it inspired me to write something, anything just to feel good using the new keyboard (although technically, its not mine) that i decided to give this blog a small update, after several weeks of inactivity. 

So here i am, typing away, letting my fingers feeling orgasmic!!

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  1. Exceptional blog. My colleagues and I were just discussing this the other evening. Also your site looks good on my old sidekick. And thats rare. Nice work.

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