Far Cry 2 and Littlebigplanet

So for the month of october, it was supposed to be a cash draining month for me. All the good games like Far Cry 2, Littlebigplanet, Eternal Sonata, Bioshock, and Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero World Tour, were all supposed to be released in october.

And well you know, with all big releases, there are bound to have delays, shipping delays, setback, and stuff. So with that, the number of titles that i was able to buy have been severely narrowed down. So far i have bought Far Cry 2 for the PC and Littlebigplanet for the PS3.

So how was the game. FANTASTIC. Both games i bought, did not dissapoint and they really lived up to my expectations so far. All the time i was waiting for it to be released for the fall and holiday season is starting to pay off. It is a good start to string of AAA, blockbuster video games release for the holiday season 2008.

I havent finished playing the games yet. Both are epic in scale mind you and it will take some time before i can give my brief verdict on my experience with the game. But its so far looking good. 

I bought the Far Cry 2 for the PC, partly because i wanted to play the game so bad, and i couldnt wait for the PS3 version to hit Singapore’s shores. There were a few days delay when it comes to arrival, among the Xbox360, PC and PS3 version. Also considering the graphical nature of the game, which is drop dead gorgeous, i decided to buy it in the PC platform, considering i have a good enough rig to play it and i want to enjoy all the bells and whisltes of the game’s graphics.


How about Littlebigplanet? Apparently, there was a massive recall issued by Sony over the use of some potentially offensive soundtracks being used in the game. The recall caused a week delay over the official release date of the game and it affected worldwide. Not so in Singapore. In fact i was really happy that Comics Connection actually do sell the copies to the public. It seems that they were not returning the merchandise afterall. But it does comes at the price. I dunno if it is the retail price of the game or not, but i had to fork out 95bucks for the game itself. By far the most expensive i ever paid for a video game and on the PS3 platform. I bought on the day it was supposed to be officially released, 21 October. I played it and enjoyed thoroughly. Maybe the 95 bucks was worth it, considering you have a potential 1 week headstart than the US or Europe counterparts, affected by the recall. On the downside, while you can play the game, the server are not up yet and you cant connect online to the server and have you friends join you in the game for some co-op action. But a week has passed and it should be up anytime now.

I cant wait for user generated content to appear. I would love to see what the gaming community has created, since the game aggresively promotes social networking and user generated content in the title. This means that the game does come with a very powerful construction tool to create your own level and upload them for all the play. This sharing concept is what got me very excited. Im sure there will be many players will have lots of ideas, full of creativity to create a totally engaging and professional levels for all the download and play.

So for now, thats it for video games, i foresee the purchase of Eternal Sonata, Naruto, Guitar Hero World Tour and Mirror’s Edge being done in the next 2 weeks or so. Any updates will be up as soon as possible.

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