Yesterday was nostalgic. It has been quite a while since my friends and I had bbq over at one of my friends place. I had a great time over at his place with all my poly mates back together for a good ole reunion. But it was not all bbq. We celebrated a number of our friends birthday simultaneously, bringing gifts, well wishes and a very tasty chocolate cake from Bengawan Solo.

I helped my friend to buy the food over at Giant Tampines. Getting there was easy, with one direct bus from Woodlands. We met up at 2.30pm and by the time we got the stuff bought and started to head over at his place, it was almost 4pm. So we hang out for a while and soon enough, my friends started streaming in after 6pm. 

The main highlight, which is the bbq started around 7 ish, and soon more and more pals came. By the time midnight came, everyone was here and had a jolly good time catching up on stories, gossips and office politics. It was really fun seeing them once again. Im really lucky to have them, especially poly mates. Its an achievement to still be in contact with them on a regular basis and on top of it the same few peeps that we also hang out together.

Went back home at 3 am in the morning. Had a blast playing Wii. Seriously, i now understand why Wii is a such a fun console, especially when you play in groups with your friends. No matter how lame, or casual the game is, it never fails to bring people together in the same room, laughing their heads off  and having a good time. I never expected or planned to head back home at around 3, but it was worth it. Its a great thing the Wii was there. 

The food was good, the company even better and i had one of the best nights with them in a quite a while.

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