Yesterday was nostalgic. It has been quite a while since my friends and I had bbq over at one of my friends place. I had a great time over at his place with all my poly mates back together for a good ole reunion. But it was not all bbq. We celebrated a number of... Continue Reading →


You know, its a nice feeling to have when you discover a new band that you like. Regardless of what country they are from, music transcends all language barriers. As long as they make good music, music that you like, its good to me.  So just like Shinedown that i discovered recently, i discovered another... Continue Reading →

I love Pushing Daisies!

Pushing Daisies is my current favourite TV series right now. The more i watch it, the more i fall in love with its quirky narrative, witty characters and fairy tale like drama with a huge dose of light hearted comedy.    Lost, Heroes, now its Pushing Daisies that is my current favourite and i cant... Continue Reading →

Rock Band 2 Vs Guitar Hero World Tour

This October, prepare yourself for a major showdown in the video games industry. Rock Band 2 Vs Guitar Hero World Tour will debut just one week apart from each other will battle it out on which game has the best music lineup EA and Activistion has to offer. Both games offer full band features and... Continue Reading →

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