A Reader’s Guide to R.A. Salvatore’s Legend of Drizzt

Finally the mother of all Drizzt books has been published! The ultimate guide to all things Drizzt, based on the novels by R.A.Salvatore, covering every book that has ever been published about the legendary Forgotten Realms character, Drizzt Do’urden.


The book, entitled, A Reader’s Guide to R.A.Salvatore’s Legend of Drizzt, encompasses all the background information of everything pertaining to Drizzt Do’urden and the novels. It covers the summaries of all books published, important characters appearing in the books, the locales, and its associated maps, detailed description of the people appearing in the books and other useful little tidbits of information in regards to Forgotten Realms. 

To be honest, i didnt see this book coming at all. It was only recently, making a trip to Kinokuniya, that i stumbled upon this gorgeous hardcover guide book sitting on the shelf. I was mesmerized and stunned when this thing was published. Upon browsing, i was captivated with all the beautiful artwork by Todd Lockwood and various other fantasy artists that helped breathe life to the characters and locales of Salvatores wonderfull creation. 

The novels, set in a series about the life of Drizzt Do’urden totalling more than 15 novels (and still counting) is one of the first series that i actually made the effort in reading every single on of them. The novels were that good to begin with, and was one of the books that had me started loving fantasy novels so much. Having picked up the first book in the series at my local library for some light reading, i was then on instantly hooked on it and went on to buy the rest of the books in the months that follow. Now i have all of them neatly lined up in my personal bookshelf, some hardcover rereleases of the older novels and some in trade paperback. But regardless, i loved the series so much that i actually made the effort to preserve them nicely. 

The series offer an interesting backdrop for a fantasy setting with deeply engaging characters with huge background information on them and soon after reading some of the books, you can become deeply attached to some of the main characters. So much so, that the story becomes one huge rollercoaster ride as they live out their unique adventures in every book written.

It has been a while since i returned to the series to read the more recently published books and the guide can truly refresh my mind quickly on what has happened so far. No doubt there will be characters that i might have forgotten or places that have lost familiarity within me. I might even have to go back to rereading some of the older titles so that i can keep up in pace with the recenly published ones. Regardless, it would be wonderful to revisit the world of Drizzt, that is the Forgotten Realms again and the Reader’s Guide will surely reignite the passion in reading the novels.

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