Ebay goods

Normally i dont shop much on ebay. I find that, as an international customer to US based goods, it is very difficult to find very good deals on some of the stuff you are looking for. Factoring in the shipping costs just makes it even harder to find cheap deals on ebay that people are offering.

So with such conditions, i dont get much of my goods online through ebay. It takes the right time, and with a little luck, you might just find the thing you are looking for at the right time.

Take for instance, a new item just i just bought off ebay. Guitar Hero III for the PS3. The totaly cost that i paid: USD32.76 and that is shipping included. Convert to Sing dollars and its roughly around 44 bucks. That is a steal im telling ya!!

Usually a typical game costs about 70 to 80 bucks on average here. But i got guitar hero for half the price. Although the game doesnt come with the guitar, im still happy that i managed to snag a good deal off ebay. Standard retail price for a bundle usually costs in excess of 120 bucks. But hey, the guitar can wait, im happy using just the controllers to play the game.

And thats not the best part. I got a copy of this game through a really efficient seller. After i made a successful transaction and made my payment on July 7, the game arrives on  July 12. A mere 5 days! Thats the fastest shipping time i have ever experienced! Im truly lucky to not only get the thing i want, but at the bargain price and at superfast shipping time.

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