It’s been a hectic, not one but three weeks so far. Ive burned all my past 3 weekends and im praying so hard that this would be over soon.

Normally, i dont like to dwell on the negative stuff for too long, but i had no where to vent it on and discuss about it. When someone makes me angry, and i talk about it, it means that, that someone is really pissing me off. Im serious, you dont see me talking about someone who has just pissed me off over trivial stuff. This is big. Its the kind of personality that i hate the most.

like i said, its been a bad 3 weeks so far, but the final week has been the worst. A complete egoistic jackass. The worst part is that this is not the end. Im definitely gonna see more of him and his attitude in the future. Im gonna see his face everyday, and he is so gonna find ways to fault me over small stuff. He is the perfect person to call him a jackass. I cannot risk writing about him here and because of that, i still cant release this ball of anger within me.

My spirit is at an all time low right now and i only hope things will get better soon. i have to find ways to let it go and move on from what has transpired. Can someone please tell me, your secret method in releasing all these destructive emotions out from you?

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