Where the hell is Matt? [2008]

Remember Matt? I made a post about this guy who posted a sensational youtube video about him, travelling all around the world and doing his little dance, to signify that he has been to all these countries. It was inspiring. To see a person travel so far and wide and to little known places, seeing the people from all walks of life.

Well you know what? From his webpage, he has done it again. After 14 months in the making, 42 countries, and a cast of thousands, all joining in his dance, he has release yet another awe inspiring video of him travelling around the world in his latest 2008 video clip. And the best part: He visited Singapore.

Yes he visited singapore, and you can see him dancing at an all too familiar landmark all true blue singaporeans would be able to recognize. Just make sure you see the entire clip first. Trust me, its there.

You can watch a higher quality video clip here.

However, what strikes me most in my heart is not only the clip but also the soundtrack accompanied with  it. The song title is called “Praan”. The vocal is sung by a girl from a place called Fataleka in the Solomon Islands. She is singing a lullaby song named “Rorogwela”

”Rorogwela” is part of the oral tradition among the Baegu tribe, passed down through generations for who-knows-how-long, and was thankfully preserved while there were members of the tribe who could still sing it.

The lyrics are as follows:

Young brother, young brother, be quiet
You are crying, but our father has left us
He has gone to the place of the dead
To protect the living, to protect the orphan child

The song has thus been modernized with other music accompaniments, and thus the song is born. Pretty sad lyrics huh? But its a beautiful song nonetheless, and very fitting to the overall theme of the video clip itself.

You can listen the music through imeem.

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