Diablo III?! WoW….

Im not a fan of the Diablo franchise, but once i heard the news that its in development, i can help but think that i might be getting this game after all. No release date has been set yet, and i dont think it would be released this year either, considering the multiple projects Blizzard is handling right now. WoW expansion, Wrath of the Lich King, Starcraft II and the latest, Diablo III.

Ive seen my childhood friend play Diablo II. It was pretty interesting. The latest installment however, would be a major improvement to the realm of 3D graphics while at the same time, keeping it faithful to the overall feel of the franchise, that is Diablo.

I downloaded the first ever cinematic trailer of the Diablo III, and i must say, i was thoroughly impressed. As always with Blizzard’s quality of work, the trailer is no exception. Following the ranks of World of Warcraft and its expansion, The Burning Crusade, the trailer utilizes the finest in CG animation with top notch visuals and audio to satisfy the senses of all fans to the Diablo franchise. Even I was amazed and pulled in by the amazing introduction.

So whats my first impression after watching the clip? This could be another of Blizzard’s finest in the making. Im looking forward to seeing its developments on the main page in the coming months.

You can of course download the hi def version of the above clip at the official website.

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