One Liter of Tears (Aya’s Diary) online order.

I have received tremendous enquiries on how to acquire the Aya’s Diary, as evidenced from this entry of my blog. I also realised that a number of you who commented here or emailed me are keen in getting the book but are unable to because it is unavailable online.

Well good news for you guys, because i might be willing to help some of you in in getting this book for yourself. As I was able to get a copy at my own local bookstore (Kinokuniya), I might be willing to place a few orders and you might be one of the lucky ones in purchasing it through me.

However, nothing is concrete yet. I’m currently very busy at the moment and i have doubts that they might still have copies of the book available. Even if they run out of stock, it might take a while for them to place an order from their Kinokuniya Japan Branch and have it arrive to Singapore. Even so, i might not be able to fullfull all orders if the demand are overwhelming.

So for those interested here is what i want you to do:

First, payment. Payment would most likely be done through paypal. So if you guys have a paypal account, it will be a great help for me to acquire the funds for the purchase of the book.

Second, price. The price have not been set yet. But tentatively, it would be anywhere between 35SGD to 40SGD, excluding shipping costs. That translates roughly to about USD25 to USD30, EUR 16 to EUR 20 EUR, 13 GBP to 16 GBP (see currency converter)

Third, Shipping. The price of shipping will be made known to you, once its been confirmed that I would be selling it to you. If you agree to the final costs (book + shipping) the transaction will proceed and i would ship the book to your address immediately. The shipping cost should not be too expensive, as a portion of the total price of the book stated above has already been taken into account. The problem is that there are varying costs associated when shipping to different countries, therefore adjustments have to be made.

So, if you are truly interested, do email me, stating that you are serious in getting yourself a copy, and do state you country of origin, so that i would roughly know where i have to ship it to. I just need your country of origin, not the entire address, so that i can start finding out the shipping costs to you country. Rest assured that i will reply to your email, to acknowledge your interest and who knows you might be the lucky one 🙂

Ill have more updates in the coming weeks. So do stay tune.

26 thoughts on “One Liter of Tears (Aya’s Diary) online order.

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  1. Hello, I’m interested in byuing the j-drama, I did’nt understand the prices really well but… contact me.

  2. Hello,did you get this copy from the Kinokuniya bookstore in sydney?.

  3. Im also interested in buying it =] let me know for more details =]
    [sorry for the crappy e-mail address]

  4. To everyone,

    It’s Jessica.Yesterday i wen to the japanese bookshop in Sydney and bought “one liter of tear”. It’s really great. I can’t help with crying…………i would like to share this story with everyone so please contact me if you are interested in.
    My email is

  5. Hi,

    I couldn’t find your e-mail, so please e-mail me at, because I’m very interested in purchasing the book from you. I’d like to hear the prices on shipping etc.

    Thanks in advance!


  6. hi, i would like a copy of the book of AYA 1 liter of tears. im hoping to hear a response from you.
    i am now currently located here in singapore.


  7. Hey everyone! I found the book on!!! There is a link in te upper-right to see the page in English. It took a lot of effort, but I ot the book for about $40usd including shipping.

    Very worth it in my opinion. The book has her diary, and the ending as written by her mother. It also has a chapter written by her Dr.

    If anyone needs help navigating the website to order it, contact me and maybe I can help.

  8. Hi, i’m really interested in buying one, can you please compute of how much will i pay you including S&H and i’m from CANADA.

  9. hi, i’m really appreciated your effort for finding out the english version of the diary. i’m from canada, can you tell me the S&H cost?

  10. Here is a copy of the Email reciept I got fromをご利用いただき、ありがとうございました。またのご利用を

    数量 商品 価格 発送済み 小計
    1 1リットルの涙?難病と闘い続け ¥533 1 ¥533
    1 1リットルの涙 (洋販ラダーシリ ¥1,200 1 ¥1,200

    小計: ¥1,733
    配送料: ¥3,300

    合計: ¥5,033 (USD 57.72)
    クレジットカードでのお支払額: ¥5,033 : Visa (USD 57.72)

    I forget which was which, but I bought th English version and the original Japanese version. As you can see, for rush delivery, I paid about $60usd. I recieved both books in less than 7 days.

    I hope that helps! ^_^

  11. Hi, im interested in buying the english version only. How will i pay you and how long it’s gonna take the book to arrive…

  12. hi im interested in buying the book. please contact me on how can i pay and how will that be delivered. thanks

  13. can someone tell me if the book is in english b/c i cannot read japanese and i really want to buy this book real badly. it means so much. can someone tell me if this is the english version or where i can buy it. thank you.

    email is:

  14. Hey, I’m from france. I can’t find the book anymore in Can somebody tell me how i can get that book, pleaaaase? anywhere in Paris??

  15. i’ve been looking for the translated version forever! and after watching the drama i am serious about getting the book. i’m from california!

  16. what a nice story..very not like her , but she showed me the real meaning of life..she changed my perception towards life.. i want to have a copy of her diary. How much it cost?

  17. i’m interested to have the book,how much the book in philippine peso??,..kindly reply on my question,..thanks,..

  18. Hi I was wondering if I can get a copy of the book 1 liter of tears. You can email me and send me the detail of how to order the book from you or from the Kinokuniya Bookstore. I know you said that you were busy but I am really interested in this book so please reply back to me ASAP as soon as possible. Ok and my email is

    – #1 fan Xiao Len Hua

  19. Hello. I’m interested in this book. I want toread this book. Where I can buy this book or who could send me on email this book?? I would be grateful if you could send me this book on email “”.
    Thanks Asia

  20. hello.. Im interested in ays’s diary but I dont know where can I buy it,,so im asking your help,,abt the price I didn’t understand how much it is,,thanx

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