Completed GTA IV!!

Incredible, just incredible.

After almost 3 weeks of playing the game, i managed to complete GTA IV. Not 100% progression complete though, just the storyline itself. What a journey! This is the first game in the GTA franchise that i actually made the effort to go through the story from start to finish.

The people you meet, the places you go, the situations you were in… it was an incredible journey and Niko Belic itself has gotta be one of the most realistic characters that i have ever experienced. Everything from his personality, voice acting, background information etc was just astounding. So believable and human. The other casts in the game were fantastic too. Already i have a list in my mind from my most favourite character to the least favourite. The entire spectrum of personalities is in the game and you feel for almost all of them, whether you love someone or you hate the other.

As for the story, i must say, it was a little confusing, with a lot of backstabbing, betrayals and ever changing alliances between different groups of people. Toward the end of the story, or rather the game, it gets a little bit muddled and it can be overwhelming keeping tabs as to whos who. But it was engaging nonetheless.

I must say that this game is a true gem. The amount of effort the developers put in making this game is shown splattered all over the game. Kudos to the team! Im proud too, to have completed such a fine game and having a wonderful experience knowing the story about Niko Belic.

If Rockstar decides to develope GTA V, id be happy to play as Niko again, or perhaps a cameo appearance somewhere in another city.

2 thoughts on “Completed GTA IV!!

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  1. cool, jasrie xD

    Im actually in the beginning of the game, just about 10% of it, but I expect to finish it, like you did. Im really enjoying it. For me, Niko is the best character of all GTA games, he has a refined sense of humor, it makes me laugh a lot xD but only when I understand what they saying, just cant understand a single word that jamaican jacob guy says

  2. Grand theft auto 4 is a good game. Niko belic is my favorite character he is a lot more realistic then the other grand theft auto games. I wish they could make little jacob easier to under stand though because i hate his acsent

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