Sony HT-SF2000, completing my home theater system experience.

I got a HDTV a long time ago. A 37 inch samsung LCD TV. Got a free Samsung DVD player and home theater speaker set during a promotion when bought together with the TV. However it sucked. The connectivity wasnt there. There were any coaxle  or optical outputs,  or HDMI outputs either. It was really barebone home theater system. Wasnt really suited for extra connectivity. In essence it sucked real bad.

Now comes along the new Sony HT-SF2000 home theater system with HDMI output that can transfer sound and image through the cable and onto the reciever. The PS3 is now permanent outside the living room, showing of its hardware and whats more, the receiver is able to receive Dolby Digital HD, DTS MA and uncompressed PCM at 48khz and 96Khz 24bits via LPCM mode. Man the thing is awesome. For the price its a real bargain. SGD 799 in total.

My living room aint big and we dont need such a high end receiver with separate speakers system. All i want is to be able to playback HD sound from the Blu ray discs and HT-SF2000 does the job just fine. Im using a separate LG DVD player that allows to also record programs from the TV, and thankfully have a coaxle output to connect to the receiver for 5.1 sound for DVD playback. Now my home theater experience is pretty much future proof with HDMI receiver, a PS3 that can play the next gen games and play blu rays and a HDTV.

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