Iron Man fine art statue from Kotobukiya (drool fest)

Kotobukiya recently announced a Kotobukiya Marvel team up, involving a multiyear, expansive worldwide licensing agreement for a wide range of high end collectibles. The first 2 marvel heroes to be immortalized by Kotobukiya, famous for creating high end, quality figurines, art statues, book ends and character buffs are Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk.

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As part of this year’s marvel movie releases, Kotobukiya will create the Iron Man fine art statue, due November 2008. Inspired by the original promotional one sheet for the film, the armored avenger stands tall at 1/6 scale. Stan Winston Studios fabricated the suit for the film based on designs by comic artist Adi Granov, and every detail of Iron Man’s Mark III armor has been faithfully replicated by the craftsmen at Kotobukiya. Kotobukiya has been working from reference provided by Marvel Studios, the level of mechanical detail is matched only by the personality conveyed by Iron Man’s heroic stance. The Iron Man Fine Art Statue will carry a suggested retail price of around $174.99.

Click on the images for a bigger view.

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