Utada Hikaru’s Heart Station PV out! Single Coming soon!

 After the recent release of Stay Gold song by Utada for the latest Asience Hair shampoo commercial debut last December, a new single has emerged. Entitled Heart Station, its PV was released and aired on Japanese TV station on 4th February 2008 and i must say its sounding (and looking) darn goood! The Heart Station/Stay Gold single would be released on the 20th February 2008, featuring both Heart Station and Stay Gold tracks. Utada fans out there, mark your calenders to grab her latest single!

This is the PV to Heart Station. Chorus is catchy indeed!

For those who wish to sample the song, click here.

Its  been a while since Utada release a new album, but fret not. You can look forward to Utada’s 5th Japanese Album on the 19 March 2008, under the same name as the latest single, Heart Station. It would feature 6 songs from the previous singles released, including Beautiful World, Boku wa Kuma, Flavor of Life and Kiss & Cry. Another 7 original never before heard songs will be on the album itself, making a total of 13 tracks. Im definitely gonna get my hand on that album, seeing how good Heart Station, Kiss & Cry and Beautiful World sounds.

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