The album is finally here.

The album that ive waiting for has finally arrived! Bought at hmv, i good a little goodie with the purchase: A poster! Woot!   Im surprised that this album would ultimately be the US version. The copy that HMV acquired, i expected that it would be the Hong Kong or Taiwan version, that mirrors almost... Continue Reading →

Come Back to Me, By Utada Hikaru

Okay, let me just scream like a girl for a sec. AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! Its almost here! Utada Hikaru's latest album, AN ENGLISH ALBUM, due to release in March 2009. You can listen to the single from the upcoming album entitled "Come Back to Me" by clicking on the picture below! Super duper big fan of Utada... Continue Reading →

Utada Hikaru’s Heart Station Album Out!!!

Utada's latest album, "Heart Station" is officially out!! The album features a total of 13 tracks, including a bonus track "Flavor of Life". There are 6 new never before heard titles and 7 songs featured in past single releases, such as "Beautiful World", "Kiss & Cry" and "Heart Station". I have had the opportunity to... Continue Reading →

Utada Megane KAWAIIIIII!!!!!!!!

Stumbled upon this really really but wonderful clip of Utada wearing glasses. At first, the moment she puts on the glasses, the audience gaze in wonder while shouting "Kawaiiiii...." But as soon as she started posing, the crowd goes wild!! I couldnt help it but laugh at the way she poses.

Utada Hikaru’s Beautiful World Full song!

Finally i got my hands on the full song of the beautifully rendered song, Beautiful World!. Having listen to hundreds of times already, i must say, this is by far my favourite single releases since Flavor of Life. Preview the full song here. Meanwhile, Utada's latest single will be released on 29th August 2007.  It... Continue Reading →

Utada Goodness!

As youve noticed, Utada Hikaru will be contributing a song from the upcoming Kiss&Cry single for "Rebuild of Evangelion" Movie. "Beautiful World" will be the opening theme for the movie. Meanwhile the exclusive trailer for the movie will feature another of Utada's remakes, "Fly Me to the Moon", which will also be included in the... Continue Reading →

Utada Hikaru Kiss & Cry, High quality!

Sorry it took a while, technology wasnt on my side today. But finally its here at least for your listening pleasure. I present you, Utada Hikaru's latest song, "Kiss & Cry" in high quality! Click here to listen!

Utada Hikaru Kiss & Cry Full song

Its finally here! Bringing you the latest the radio rip of Utada's latest Song, "Kiss & Cry". Credits go to ningyo from Jpopsuki Tracker The quality isnt that great, in the meantime ill try to find a better quality version of the song somewhere. But for now, lets get a sneak peak at the full... Continue Reading →

Passion & Sanctuary Remix [Utada Hikaru]

I played around my Sony Soundforge and I created a little remix from two of Utada Hikaru's songs, which is almost the same, except that "Passion" is sung in Japanese, while "Sanctuary" is sung in English. Both songs are in this popular game called "Kingdom Hearts II". The Japanese version would have the Japanese song,... Continue Reading →

Utada Hikaru Latest Single! Kiss & Cry

Gosh! How can i miss this!? Its been revealed that Kiss & Cry will be Utada's latest single! No date has been set yet, however it is slated for a summer release. A preview can be heard here: The song will be her 19th japanese single and is already been featured in Nissin's 5th television... Continue Reading →

“Be My Last”

Utada Hikaru is undoubtly one of the most successful singer in Japan. Each time she releases a single or an album it became an overnight success. And she deserves it, because her song are really that great. Ive got almost her songs in my computer and 1 album that was legitimately bought (sorry Utada!) almost... Continue Reading →

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