My first favourite Indonesian Band.

It happened while I was browsing through someone else's music playlist in his PSP. Then i came across a very beautiful song entitled " Menghapus Jejakmu". Its a song in Bahasa Indonesia. What? Me liking an indonesian song? That must be crazy. Well believe it, i think Peterpan (name of the band) has gotta be... Continue Reading →

Utada Goodness!

As youve noticed, Utada Hikaru will be contributing a song from the upcoming Kiss&Cry single for "Rebuild of Evangelion" Movie. "Beautiful World" will be the opening theme for the movie. Meanwhile the exclusive trailer for the movie will feature another of Utada's remakes, "Fly Me to the Moon", which will also be included in the... Continue Reading →

Abingdon Boys School, Nephilim single out!

Sorry if im a little "wols", but Abingdon Boys School's latest single, Nephilim was out on the fourth of july. And it couldnt come at a better timing when the band performed during Live Earth, with billions of potential viewers. Ive watched their performance on Live Earth, and it was quite good actually. Love their... Continue Reading →

Uverworld Vs L’Arc~en~Ciel

Both Uverworld and L'Arc~en~Ciel released their latest single on the 30th May 2007. Uverworld released "endscape" which is also the opening of Toward the Terra, a latest anime to hit the TV networks which happens to be an adaptation of the mange created in the late 1970s. L'Arc~en~Ciel on the other hand released "Seventh Heaven".... Continue Reading →

Abingdon Boys School

Abingdon Boys School, a relatively new Japanese Rock Band which made their official debut on September 3 2006, which was just barely a year, is slowly rising the ranks of fame. Their first single "Innocent Sorrow" was released and was used as an opening theme for D.Gray Man a relatively popular manga and anime series... Continue Reading →

Refresh Singapore’s History in 5 Minutes.

I watched a video clipped that featured Hossan Leong singing a really creative song about the history of Singapore. I laughed my ass off for its frank and direct lyrics, touching on various issues that Singapore had faces in the past, present and future. Now, an animation team this person by the initials of NCH85... Continue Reading →

Olivia set to perform in Paris

This is a little bit old news, but Olivia Lufkin, the singer who has been contributing songs for the hit manga/anime title, NANA will be performing in Paris on the 6th of July. With the recent upsurge in her popularity, due to the anime series as well as her record album, this would definitely be... Continue Reading →

Yui: My Generation

When I first listened to her latest single which was ripped from the music video, I instantly fell in love with the music. Its that good. Her latest song really maintains her style which she has kept it unique in her first 2 album. Ill definitely grab a copy of this single when it comes... Continue Reading →

Utada Hikaru Latest Single! Kiss & Cry

Gosh! How can i miss this!? Its been revealed that Kiss & Cry will be Utada's latest single! No date has been set yet, however it is slated for a summer release. A preview can be heard here: The song will be her 19th japanese single and is already been featured in Nissin's 5th television... Continue Reading →

Mika Nakashima

Though I'm not a big fan of Mika Nakashima , due to the fact that her voice is more suited for jazz/blues kinda songs, and those two genres arent really my cup of tea. With her rather soothing, smokey voice, its rather unique amongst the other Japanese music singers out there right now. Of all... Continue Reading →

Maroon 5, Makes Me Wonder.

On May 22, look forward to Maroon 5's latest album, entitled "It Won't Be Soon Before Long" Almost 5 years have passed since their debut release "Songs About Jane" They have released a single, Makes Me Wonder on March 27 to those who don't already know. The video can be viewed here: Adam Levine Looks... Continue Reading →

“Be My Last”

Utada Hikaru is undoubtly one of the most successful singer in Japan. Each time she releases a single or an album it became an overnight success. And she deserves it, because her song are really that great. Ive got almost her songs in my computer and 1 album that was legitimately bought (sorry Utada!) almost... Continue Reading →

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