PSP, The Temptation

Lately a number of my friends have been playing some pretty cool games that i did not have a chance to play after i sold may PSP last year. Games like Naruto and Monster Hunter Freedom looks good on the PSP. Now im starting to regret selling mine away when i could have been playing online with them in camp. But now that i think of it, the urge to play is gonna be very shortlived and i would have regretted more buying the PSP for more than 300 hundred bucks for a few months of fun. I’m not portable console type of person. Now i dont even touch my DS anymore, despite promising myself that i would play Zelda Phantom Hourglass when its released.

So I have made up my mind to stay away from portable consoles.

Speaking about video games, Ive decided not to complete The Witcher Roleplaying game. Its very lengthy for me and i still don’t get the essence of the overall plot after the third chapter. Sure the graphics are great, and the main character is really cool but the role playing aspects have much to be desired. I would still say its a great game, but i dont wanna waste me time playing a game i dont enjoy.

Im still sticking to Neverwinter Nights 2 and probably complete it. On the downside though, im pretty dissapointed with the game so far. The story is very bland and the dialogue a little flat. I can still remember playing the original Neverwinter Nights and it really blew me in terms of the writing and the story. Maybe the novelty has worn off and there is nothing special about the second installment, since I am already very familiar with the first one. Nonetheless the story is still quite OK and im still curious as to where the story is going from there and the secrets of the artifacts that are in your character’s possession.

I just bought Jade Empire for the PC. Ive been waiting for years for the opportunity to come for me to be able to play this game. Its about a year old but the graphics are great. Especially when you crank up the settings and you know your graphics card is more than capable of handling it. Great framerates, smooth as butter. Ive also started playing Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic again. It really brings back nostalgia. One of the best story driven roleplaying games out there.

World of Conflict is pretty nice too. Lots of action and i really love the smoke effects from the destruction and explosion your incur on your enemies. Pretty graphics intensive too. My ATI 3850 is literally wailing when i crank up to the max. But the game is very very eye candy.

Im still waiting for Assasins Creed to arrive. Funny though, that the shops states that it would be released in February, but online retailers have pushed back to March. Is there a difference in release dates for Singapore and the US retailers? But it doesnt matter anyway. Its very unlikely that i would get the game immediately. I still have Neverwinter Nights 2 and Jade Empire to complete. To top it off, World in Conflict too which i play sporadically. Im in no mood to play any wargames, after finished Call of Duty 4 and Call of Duty 1 which i downloaded it.

2 thoughts on “PSP, The Temptation

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    omg, super fun game….! playing it on the xbox was fun, but i think if it were released on the wii, ooooo lala! how good it would’ve been…. oh the experience would be to die for!!

    Anyway, know this, it might get a little boring once in a while…
    but you’ll have tonnes of fun with the mini missions… (:

  2. actually hor… i got tempted into playing on the psp today… T_T
    coz my younger bro brought home his friend’s psp…
    so busy playing sonic rivals… but quite boring after a while.. heh heh heh..

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