Scary games

Scary games are a no no for me. Games that are meant to scare, be it ghostly, monster, or all things supernatural encounters are a complete no no for me. I just cant stand playing scary games. I have a weak heart in playing those. Seriously. I dunno why, but i have this really deep... Continue Reading →

Utada Hikaru’s Heart Station Album Out!!!

Utada's latest album, "Heart Station" is officially out!! The album features a total of 13 tracks, including a bonus track "Flavor of Life". There are 6 new never before heard titles and 7 songs featured in past single releases, such as "Beautiful World", "Kiss & Cry" and "Heart Station". I have had the opportunity to... Continue Reading →


L'Arc-en-Ciel' latest album, "Kiss" is already available in local stores, such as HMV. I bought the cheapest of the 3 editions (im cash strapped ok!?) and almost all the tracks are fantastic. I previously downloaded the entire album before buying it, and it was quite good so i just had to give my 2 cents... Continue Reading →

Folklore Complete!

Folklore, or the original Japanese title, Folksoul is an action rpg game for the PS3. I just completed the game and it was fun throughout. Graphics were gorgeous and the gameplay fresh and original. Though the story was a little bit lacklustre, the characters in the story were strong and unique. You get to play... Continue Reading →

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