Heroes Graphic Novel Vol 1 OUT!

Ecstatic is all i can say. I am a huge fan of the hit series Heroes. Got the R1 season DVDs from Amazon and im watching season 2 every week through BT downloads even as i type this. The tour was a let down though when they arrived in Singapore as one of the worldwide tour in promoting the show. It was awfully short. However im pleasantly surprised to see that many fans coming over at Vivocity the other day just to support some of the actors who were here. Namely Hiro Nakamura, Dr Suresh, Greg, and Nicky Sanders were all there. Of all, Im grateful for having Hiro come to Singapore.

With that being said, i finally got my hands on the graphic novel. Over 30 short stories about the heroes featured in the TV show. Each short story showcases a little bit more about the characters and are side stories in between episodes of the first season. I havent finished read it yet, but from what ive read so far, its really good. It provides a good filling to the already awesome tv show. Its a must get for any Heroes fan and it will look great on your coffee table of bookshelf.

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