Catherine Tate comedy.

Ever since a friend of mine, Angeline recommended me a bunch of humorous comedy from Britain, i just couldnt stop finding more clips of Catherine Tate.

Catherine Tate is a British comedian and actress. Her humorous comedy sketches were nothing short of extreme laughter when i first watched it on youtube. There are a many clips out there but i can show you 2 of my favourites.

The first one is Catherine Tate as a translator, translating to 7 different languages. I cant recall when was the last time I actually laughed that loud when watching a video clip.

The second one is a series of comedy sketches, with Catherine Tate portraying a school student together with 2 of her friends.

I just love the way she said, “Am I bovvered? Look at my face. AM I BOVVERED!?” “Issit?” “All Right” and among others.

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