Today, I officially graduated from NYP!!!!!! [And of all days, I aint feeling well today 😦 ]

Three years in the making, its been an incredible journey in the School of Chemical and Life Sciences, taking a course in Molecular Biotechnology.

The graduation is the first day of a few days of graduation ceremonies, and the coursemates graduated together with the school of Design as well. As my best friend, Aaron, was there too, we were kinda ecstatic! Hell i think everyone who were present during the graduation were kinda happy and cheery after the whole ceremony was over.

One of the reason has got to be seeing most of our classmates again months after school ended. It was kinda weird at first, seeing familiar faces. But soon the awkwardness was quickly replaced by joyous smiles as we were reunited again. I feel kinda dissapointed at those who did not attend though. Id really wish for all my classmates to be present and see them for just one more time. But i totally understand they reluctance.

A number of us do not wish to attend because of the renting of the graduation gown. The gown like the gown seen in university graduation was a must wear formal attire during this year’s graduation. It would be a tradition for NYP from this year onwards for all student graduating to rent the gown to attend the graduation ceremony. Some of us think that it was a hassle and a waste of money to go through these means just to be able to attend the ceremony.

But in the end, it really be helped but fortunately there was a sizeable number of us who attended and it was really great to see them again.

After the ceremony we started taking pictures here and there around the school, while at the same time had our refreshments.

Ill be posting pictures soon after i got more of them from my friends and from my own camera. Stay tuned!

On a more personal note, where would i be heading from here on?

Well, after going through my NS, ill be heading to NTU (which i have secured my place there) and take up a degree in biological sciences. Its a 4 year course. Pretty lenghty, but its the fourth year is a direct admission to Honors. So i cant really complain if i can have a chance to better my prosper for my future career. So far, im pretty convinced that i would be staying in this field and hopefully it would be fulfilling, doing research and stuff.

To tell you the truth, i cant really wait to head to NTU, but alas, i have to serve my NS. To be frank, i aint really keen in going through NS (im a sure a majority dont) but i usually look on the bright side of things. First, i think its a great way to toughen me up a little and maybe use this opportunity to get myself fit. Second, heading to NTU is the only thing that would keep me motivated in going through NS. You always look towards the light and aim for it.

Ive been talking about me going to NTU and how excited i am, but to set matters right, its not that im boasting or anything. To me, going to a local university, is my dream and my parents dream as well. As a single child fulfilling that dream for myself, and my family, the feeling is unexplainable. To work hard for my dream and theirs is not easy to begin with. Sure many have talent but my achievements on this is purely hard work and ive sacrificed quite alot to achieve it. Within the extended the family, (at least on my mum’s side) im one of the very few to be able to enter to a local university. So all in all im doing myself and my parents proud.

If one were to ask me 5 years ago, whether i could be able to make this far at least, i would have doubted myself. But ever since then, ive always dreamed about my future and whats it gonna be like, and so far, it was worked towards my favour. Im not the type of guy who writes goals on papers and swear by it to achieve it or die trying, but rather, my success would probably be because i believe in myself and my dreams.

People always said to believe in yourself, follow your dreams and your heart’s desires and you will succeed. Somehow i’m beginning to understand that and the big influence it can have on a person.

Ever since my “Great Setback” in secondary school, i realised what a sorry state i was back then. Soon i just look at myself in the mirror and asked: “Whats my future gonna be like?” That’s when i started to start having dreams of my own. Getting good results in O levels, going to the course i wanted, getting good grades are all part of my small little dreams that i had, that came true. In other words, ive charted myself to step on the correct stepping stones to reach my destination. Im truly grateful for having such a pretty clear goal and direction laid out infront of me.

With that being said, i guess NS would be a little detour in my life. Ive always been an optimist on most parts, trying to look on the brighter side of life and at the end of the day, just laugh it off. When youre faced with setbacks, how bad can it be? Just stand up, pick up the pieces and try again.

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