Say goodbye to concession rates!

I’ve been travelling the MRT using concession. Im a heavy MRT user and its a steal travelling the MRT, using up all the 4 rides for the day, travelling anyway i want. I usually save alot on travelling when im using the monthly concession rates. Its even a bargain now that im working, often times requiring me to work in town or some other far off places where i live. But that is all about to end as the concession rates no longer applies from August onwards.

I was shocked when i noticed that there were no options to pay for the monthly concession at the ticketing counter. At first i thought that there was a malfunction in the machine but i then realised that it the tertiary student concession rates has to end someday, since its been a while since my I finished school.

So now i have to bear the full travelling costs when im off to work or some other destinations while on the mrt. This would certainly increase my spending, spending costs that werent factored in. Ive yet to get my pay for this month’s work, about 700 bucks if im not wrong. A small sum, but more than enough for me at this moment. Its not bad considering ive only work 2 or 3 days a week for the past month. And thats excluding commisions i get from the sale of the phones. I dont know what the final figure is, but im grateful for the extra cash.

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