1st month.

Its been a month since i started working in this company, promoting handphones. So far its been a pleasant experience and im quite surprised that at times i actually enjoyed working as a promoter despite its long hours. Im only working as part time, just to pass my time, while waiting for NS. Throughout the month, the most rewarding experience was to be able to make new friends.

Ive met numerous other promoters and its been great working with them. Not only that, the respective telecom company’s promoters, especially in roadshows are great to be with. While not promoting the phones to customers, its great chatting with them and getting to know each other. Its quite surprising to meet a myriad of people outside my comfort zone, people with different backgrounds and despite what little work experience i have, i enjoy thier company when there’s no customers to promote the phones to.

The working hours can be very long, and standing up without rests (except for meal breaks) can really be extremely tiring. But ive become accustomed to the rigors of the work requirements and my legs arent that aching anymore. Ive also discovered something about myself too. I think im the kind of person who has to talk to someone, regardless of who they are. If I were stranded on an island alone for long periods, i think i would go mad. Perhaps the need for social interaction is very important to me to keep me sane. With that in mind, i think that is one of the reasons why i kinda like this job. Human interaction has kept me busy and has made me become a more sociable person. With all my friends on to their next stage of life (school, NS etc.) having new people to talk with have been a great way to make up for the silence that i have endured before i started on this job.

If i had more time to spent on this job, i wouldnt mind at all. But alas, i dont wanna delay my NS and i just wanna suck it up, grit my teeth and get through with it.

Anyway, past few days ive had a minor bout of flu. I’ve been recovering but i hope that nothing serious would manifest in the long run (years ahead), for reasons i shall not say. So hopefully everything is alright and there is no cause for alarm and everything was just a coincidence. Tomorrow i still have to work. Ive been working since wednesday, at a roadshow. Tomorrow would be my last day there for the week. Im free on the weekends!

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