PLAY! A Video Game Symphony. ~Thumbs Up!~

Sorry for the lack of updates. Was real busy with the weekend. Not that i had work or anything, but i did lots of stuff and im kinda short on sleep here.

Anyways, the moment that i had been waiting for finally came. The PLAY! A Video Game Symphony held on the 16th of June was a blast and it was an unforgettable experience. The night was truly a night to remember. Performing on a full house, what better way than to celebrate video game history for the geeks performed by a full orchestra and choir for the artsy. No union is more perfect than the Play! Symphony Concert.

The concert was held at The Esplanade, we got the 40 bucks seat which was at the left side of the concert hall on the foyer level, but surprisingly close to the stage. The concert started on time and the programme was carefully selected for the Asian Premier that started and ended with a bang.

Here is the programme for that night:

1. PLAY! A Video Game Symphony Fanfare

2. Super Mario Bros

3. Shenmue and Shenmue II

4. Lost Oddyssey

5. Sonic the Hedgehog

6. Metal Gear Solid

7. Blue Dragon

8. Kingdom Hearts [Original Utada Theme, click here]

9. Final Fantasy VI


10. Daytona USA

11. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

12. World of Warcraft [Alternative track, click here]

13. Halo

14. Castlevania

15. The Legend of Zelda

16. Final Fantasy VII – One-Winged Angel-

[Click on some of the links above to hear the original music as heard from the game. Those are not the orchestral arrangements as heard in PLAY!.]

True enough as what was mentioned on websites and brochures, we were given an audio and visual treat as the orchestra played out some of the video game’s finest and classical tunes as we watched on 3 large screen projectors above them playing out scenes from the game. Some were really fantastic and it give a real good feel to the music and the game itself. Dissapointingly, none of the Final Fantasy tunes showed any footage of the game on the large projectors, but it was cool to see the original composers of the music giving out their message to Singaporean fans on the large screen projectors.

Though im not a hardcore gamer myself, there were some tunes that were unfamiliar to me. However that doesnt stop me from enjoying the music itself. What i like about the Asian premier of Play! was the selection of the scores and the associated games. The suites and theme songs that were composed and rearranged to suite the orchestra was done really well and at no point during the concert did i get bored of the music.

There were a few titles that i actually looked forward to it. Some include Final Fantasy VII, World of Warcraft, Halo, Elder Scrolls and Super Mario Bros. In fact, World of Warcraft and Halo, gave me the best impression so far, as it requires the entire choir to sing out the difficult, powerful and climatic part of the suite’s arrangement (hear Final Fantasy VII and World of Warcraft tunes above). It felt so good to hear the music that you are familiar with, that i had goosebumps all over. To hear some of the your favourite theme from your favourite video games, word just cant describe how it felt.

Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, who composed music for the popular arcade game, Daytona USA, Shenmue series and Virtual Fighter 2, made a guest appearance during the concert. He played AND sang for us the Daytona USA theme song. It was hilarious! His vocal really couldnt make it, out of tune everywhere, but it was for pure fun. At first i couldnt recall what the theme song actually was, till he actually sang it. Now i couldnt really get my mind off the tune. You can hear the theme below:

The concert is a little under 120 minutes, including intermission, but it felt only like 30 minutes to me. It went so fast, that we just wished it to be longer. In the end, there an additional piece of music played, chosen by the public in an online poll, and they chose The Revenge of Shinobi.

Overall, it was well worth the money and wait for such a rare treat, and if this proves successful (which already did when all tix were sold out in a short period) and more such concerts actually come to Singapore, Ill definitely watch them perform again.

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