Nintendo DS Lite!

So I sold off my PSP, which is version 3.40 OE-A. That means that psp has been modded to play pirated games. I sold at 300 bucks, which in my opinion, a pretty good deal, considering i only had 1gb of memory stick space and the psp is almost 1 year old.

I used that money to get a DS instead, a pristine, crystal white DS at Funan, for 245 bucks. It comes with warranty and is a local set.

I bought my first game, called Hotel Dusk: Room 215. Its a noir styled, adventure interactive puzzle solving game (my kinda genre) and so far, its been great. Great characters, compelling dialogues and taught-provoking scenarios.

Well, no time to talk, i need to get back playing on my new toy.

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