Utada Hikaru’s Heart Station Album Out!!!

Utada’s latest album, “Heart Station” is officially out!!

The album features a total of 13 tracks, including a bonus track “Flavor of Life”. There are 6 new never before heard titles and 7 songs featured in past single releases, such as “Beautiful World“, “Kiss & Cry” and “Heart Station“.

I have had the opportunity to preview the album and i must say, this has to be another mega hit album for Utada. No doubt this is gonna be a bestselling album for weeks to come. The tune of “Heart Station” is addicting and fresh, while Beautiful World reminds of Eva 1.0 vividly, a fitting song for one of the greatest anime remakes in history.

The intro track, “Fight the Blues” truly shows Utada’s strong character and her unique songwriting skills. You can listen to a preview by clicking here.

After listening to her latest album, it is ensured that Utada has not lost any of her music writing skills and that she is able to keep her songs fresh, robust and flexible. Being able to sing songs beyond her comfortable genre of music types shows that she is not afraid to set new standards for herself.

Want to listen to more of Utada’s latest tracks? Well i can only release one more for preview and that would be…… gosh all of them are great tracks… i cant seem to choose…. oh well ill let you guys preview this track called “Prisoner of Love

Click the above link to listen to the preview, but promise me that you will purchase her album if you like it. It should be available locally in Singapore real soon, so just be patient!

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