Utada Hikaru Kiss & Cry Full song

Its finally here! Bringing you the latest the radio rip of Utada’s latest Song, “Kiss & Cry”. Credits go to ningyo from Jpopsuki Tracker

The quality isnt that great, in the meantime ill try to find a better quality version of the song somewhere. But for now, lets get a sneak peak at the full song while we are at it.

Click here to listen to the full song. 

11 thoughts on “Utada Hikaru Kiss & Cry Full song

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  1. Nice! It’s a little bit of the old school R&B Hikki for the good ol’days! thanks for linking the stream.

    I really like that the chorus seems to have the same melody from “Hotel Lobby” off the Exodus album. Sweetness!

  2. I’m liking it! It sounds like the younger Hikki, but like one reviewer, the chorus is VERY remisniscent of “Hotel Lobby”. I wonder where we can get this song to downlaod? =]

  3. i feel in love all over again. i love how she does this lol. is there anyway to get that song from him?? i wouldn’t care what quality it is i just need to listen to it everyday.

  4. or you could just right click and chose “view source” then look for the address ending in “mp3″ then copy & paste it into your browser, then viola!”

  5. I can hear some of Utada’s root music from her R&B days. It sounds great…I’ve never heard Hotel Lobby until now (Kiss&Cry clearly sounds better in my opinion). But it is wonderful to hear Hikki sing another great song. Hope Kiss&Cry sells well!

  6. O___O I /swear/ that she just got melody from ‘Hotel Lobby’! I like her newer stuff, ‘Kiss & Cry’ and ‘Flavor Of Life’; after downloading ‘ULTRA BLUE’ I basically lost interest. >__>;;

    Thanks for putting this up! nwn

  7. it’s because she used the tune of hotel lobby for the chorus.

    and the song is about cup noodles. XD

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