The album is finally here.

The album that ive waiting for has finally arrived! Bought at hmv, i good a little goodie with the purchase: A poster! Woot!


Im surprised that this album would ultimately be the US version. The copy that HMV acquired, i expected that it would be the Hong Kong or Taiwan version, that mirrors almost that to the Japanese copy. The Japanese copy has 2 bonus remix tracks of  ‘Come Back to Me’, unlike the US one. Also the track arrangements are very different from both versions. But nonetheless, i love all her songs and she really does a great job in making this latest album of hers a success. In fact, i checked in sales and its in the top 200 digital downloads! I guess this is a great success for her and im sure she will do even better when the albums reaches North American shores later in May.

You know, ive listen to the album soo many times now and im starting to really like this particular track: This One (Crying Like a Child). Click on the title to sample the track.

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