Bad Company

Getting ill, down with the flu is not fun at all, especially if its during the weekend, the two days that im suppose to enjoy to the fullest. Had muscle aches, fever and a very sore throat since Friday last week. I hope i can get well asap.

Anyway, since i had to stay at home and consume my medicine periodically, i spent my time playing Battlefield Bad Company on the PS3 and completed it.

The singleplayer campaign, though fun, is very short in my opinion. I can play the entire campaign in one day. But what i like about this game is the attention to detail, from graphics, to AI and really bombastic sound effects. Never have i played a game with fantastic sound. The sound of bullets, to missiles, the explosions are all really powerful. Crank the volume up and you almost feel as if you are in the middle of the battlefield. Other than that, its an above average shooter, with some interesting elements to it that makes this game somewhat unique. The characters, though funny, never really had the time to appreciate them over the course of the game.

The game is really easy, in a sense that if you die, youll respawn back to the last checkpoint, but what ever enemies youve killed, would not respawn again. In other words, you can charge up and kill some of them, die, respawn and charge up again to continue, without having to kill those dead soldiers in the previous battle. Also, the unlimited supply of health syringes, makes the game even easier. About to die? Then just give youserlf a jab and youll be back at full health.

What i like about the game is the use of tanks, vehicles, boats, helicopter and missle guiding systems. You dont have to be on foot to do the shooting. The game allows plenty of opportunity to try out different ways to accomplish or reach your target. Alot of vehicles and tanks are dotted throughout the map and you can use them to get you from point A to point B, while killing some enemies off along the way. This adds variety to the game and really makes the singleplayer aspect of the game interesting.

After having played Call of Duty 4, which by far the most enjoyable FPS i ever played, Bad Company is still has a long way to go, before proving itself to be a worthy competitor to Call of Duty 4.

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