Broken Age impressions



My short and quick impressions of Broken Age. An expanded post will be added later.

Imaginative world.
Great voice acting by some of the biggest voice actors and actresses. (Elijah Wood, Will Wheaton, Jack Black etc)
Quirky storyline with engaging dialogue. Very childish at times to the point it almost sounded as if I am playing through an interactive children’s novel.
Breathtaking soundtrack for an indie game.
Well polished gameplay mechanics with a fitting tribute to the traditional point and click adventure games.
Bought the soundtrack, more than 45 minutes long that is well worth the price.
Has a full orchestra symphony that gives life and emotions to the game.
Game is divided into two acts.
Only the first part of the game is playable and available.
The second part will be released at a later date.
Very short first part of the game, making it feel as if shelling out 29.90 for a game is not really worth the price. But the second part will be released for free to those who bought the first act.
Cliffhanger ending to the first part is a bummer.

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