So I tried The Division…

And I actually like the game!

A couple of weeks ago, Ubisoft held a Lunar New Year sale on their online store, and on top of that sale, they were promoting The Division 2, slated to be released sometime in much. To promote their upcoming game, they were slashing the price of the original game released 3 years ago by a whopping 90% off.

I didn’t notice the sale till my friend told me about it. I was casually asking him if he were waiting eagerly for the release of The Division 2, since I knew that he was a fan of the game. He encouraged me to try it, but not before trying out The Division, and that was when I knew of the sale. At 90% off the normal retail price, the price of the game went down to just S$5.80. S$5.80! It was a no brainer to get it. With a game that cheap, you wouldn’t really care whether or not you will fall in love with the game.

And love I did. The one biggest misconception that I had about the game was the lack of a campaign that can be done solo, or as a single player. I have always thought that going through the campaign required you to team up with 3 others so that you could clear missions as a group. But I was wrong. Over time, as patches and new contents were added to the game, they made significant improvements to the campaign to make it friendlier for players who wished to play solo. And I was pleasantly surprised by how fun the campaign was. Sure, the missions can get repetitive sometimes, but overall the game mechanics are tight and overall fun. Whether you play for 20 minutes or 2 hours, you can certainly get something done and accomplished to progress through the campaign.

Another popular misconception that I had for the game was how short the campaign was going to be. My impression of the game was always that always-online-must-team-up-with-others-free-fall-all. But I was so wrong. The campaign was rather meaty and longer than I expected, which makes purchasing this game at S$5.80 so much sweeter.

I don’t regret not playing it sooner, as the developers, Ubisoft that is, has been significant strides in ironing out issues in the game and adding meaningful content updates to the game that by now, three years since its original release has made this game a polished and fully realised game.

I am so glad that Ubisoft have a new fan in one of their flagship game franchises under its belt. So much so, that I have decided to preorder The Division 2 to support its development.

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