Infamous (PS3 Exclusive) completed.

This is what happens when you have so much free time right now, especially when i have 5 days leave, for the entire week. I have nothing much to do other than play the latest PS3 exclusive game, Infamous. Its an ill timed leave but at the same time, a good timing to try out the new game, which unknowingly, i managed to complete it before the week is over. So how good was the game?


Its very good actually, exceeding my expectations on what an open world gameplay might offer. 

Im not really a fan of open world games where you can just explore the place and go wherever you like. Im more of a story driven player and i look for games that have a good story in them. However, i was pleasantly surprised that Infamous has a very good story to follow considering that its an open world game.



Im not going to intro you on the setting or the story, you can just google it yourself, but suffice to say, toward the end, it actually gets better and just after the climatic ending, you are definitely in for an unexpected twist, which in my opinion, is very satisfying. The story isnt draggy at all, nor it is short. You can easily clock in about 20 odd hours playing the game, even more if you complete every side mission it has to offer. Even then the 20 odd hours doesnt really bogs down the story at all. In fact, i feel that the story is concise, tight and easy to follow, with engaging and unique characters with very beautiful graphic novel like cutscenes to move the along. Voice acting is top notch and i like the raspy male protoganist, Cole in which you control the character in the game.


The twist toward the end is unexpected and it really accomplishes the goal in allowing the players to connect with him. In the end it was bittersweet for me to see Cole suffer and making life changing sacrifices. Yet he doesnt falter one bit and he gave a really big hint that sequel is definitely on the table, continuing his epic reluctant superhero tale.

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  1. I tried unboxing inFAMOUS special edition but it went shockingly wrong… Check out the video:

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