Gifting books as Christmas presents

As always, I gift books to two of my closest friends as Christmas presents. I select the best books I have read for the year as recommended reads for my friends to enjoy. Usually, I will buy the books, wrap them up and gift to them just in time for the holidays. But because of the surge in Covid cases happening recently in Singapore, visitations to other households has been restricted. Thus, it is unlikely that I will ever get go meet up for a Christmas gathering this time round.

Nonetheless, I am still keen in giving them my book presents to them. This time, I may be a little early, as I selected the books online and have them ship to their home. The books are on their way and will arrive at their doorstep in about two weeks time. So I expect them to receive sometime in mid November if all goes to plan, which is still a little more than a month before Christmas.

Usually, I will have them unwrap and explain to them why I chose the books for them. However, due to social distancing, I have created a set of image cards, that when read in sequence, will explain the rationale for choosing the books. I think the ‘cards’ I made look wonderful.

I told them that once they receive the books by mail, they will let me know and I can simply send the image cards via Whatsapp. So I am going to show the cards here and anyone can see the two books I have chosen for them for Christmas.

Of course, not forgetting their little one, I have also bought a children’s book for their daughter to enjoy. I personally have not read that book, as I randomly picked one out from the online bookstore that was recommended to me on their front page under ‘Children’s Books’.

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