My second virtual run medal. This is getting addictive.

Recently, I posted about receiving my first virtual run medal from Conqueror challenges. I was impressed with the quality of the medals that I received and soon signed up for more challenges. A couple of days ago, I received my second medal after completing 42Km of walking and running. It is none other than the Inca Trail challenge.

This medal is absolutely gorgeous that really fits into the whole Inca theme. Even the ribbon is specially designed for each of the medal that is accompanied by it.

My next medal that is on the way is the Hadrian’s Wall challenge. That took me a little longer than the previous two medals to complete it since you need to clock 145Km on the app before you are awarded the medal. I completed the challenge sometime last week and the medal is on the way.

The English Channel, Inca Trail and Hadrian’s Wall made up the starter group of challengers that I signed up. I signed up the bundle because it gives greater discount that signing up for individual challenges. Now, having completed my first three challenges, I must say, this is getting addictive (both in terms of exercising more to complete the challenges and to actually collect those medals). I am loving the whole process so far. I have never run so much, in a single month and religiously tracking my progress after every workout. I have devoted more time now to keeping myself fit and healthy, thanks to all these virtual runs. It’s been a great motivator.

I signed up for another bundle of challenges, called the Mount Pack, which comprises of three challenges. They are Mount Everest, Mount Kilimanjaro, and Mount Fuji, at 64km, 97km, and 74km respectively. The total distance is around the same as the starter bundle pack. I am already half way through with Mount Everest. Soon I will move on with Mount Kilimanjaro and the rest.

Aside from the Mount Pack, I also signed up for Angkor Way challenge, which is a mere 32km. I was hesitant in signing up for this sole challenge. But it was recently launched and they were giving a 30% discount on the challenge. I asked myself; why not?

A couple of days ago, they launched The Great Wall of China challenge. This challenge is unique. You are given the option of two distances, 259km or the whopping 3513km, which would place this challenge as among the longest ever created. I chose 259km, as it is more attainable. There are many challenges that are more than 1000km long, and I know at the rate that I am going, these challenges will take me several months to complete it. Having another ultra long challenge will just make my mission in collecting all these medals less attainable.

Just imagine, if on average I clock 300km of walking, running and rowing (I don’t cycle) a month, it could potentially take me more than 10 months to complete The Great Wall of China challenge. That is a little bit too long in my opinion.

Well, one step at a time. I am pretty sure I will breeze through challenges that are less than 500km in distance. And I will be sure to post updates on my progress and take pictures of future medals here.

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